Now, you can get your own clean, organized, peaceful home,
without having to do ALL the work yourself, or constantly having to nag, threaten, and BRIBE your kids!
what I do
I help transform overwhelmed, disenfranchised moms who are doing it ALL into
 the confident, capable executive of their homes
(instead of unpaid servants).

Freedom Moms Challenge
This is a great place to start to build your OWN strong habits around household management. If you are feeling burned out and overwhelmed, this challenge will get you moving in the right direction before you start working on teaching your children how to do their own chores!

Smart Kids Chore system
While all other chore systems out there are pitting you against your children, putting you in the role of drill sergeant with thankless thankless cadets…

I've developed (through years of trial and error) a system where we all work together as a FAMILY, so NONE of us:

    -Feel overworked
    -Taken advantage of
    -Disillusioned with family life
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